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Buttons by Ari Hauben


Wall Art Buttons, Drystone


Buttons by Ari Hauben

Buttons by Ari Hauben

Fort Point’s, Boston Button Factory pays homage to the vibrant history of a Boston neighborhood that is rapidly changing its character.  Blending the industrial and artistic strands which dominated its past, the BBF looks to keep this past alive by manufacturing large artistic buttons which can be used as stand-alone pieces of art or used as parts of a larger art exhibits.

Meet the Artist
Ari Hauben is a contemporary artist based in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood.  His work consists of multimedia works, which cover a broad spectrum of topics, styles and materials.  Ari’s design of the large wall buttons, started with a sketch then there was a logo and after the 3D model and mold was created then there were buttons!  Ari’s current style is predominately involves newspaper, epoxy, spray paint, and layering techniques that are integrated into a variety of visual platform..

Ari Hauben
15 Channel Center Street
Studio 413
Boston, MA 02210