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Goldhorizon1 by Wendy Shapiro


Goldhorizon1 by Wendy Shapiro

Goldhorizon1 by Wendy Shapiro

Wendy's latest textured acrylics are prime examples of sustainability in art.  These eco-friendly works are layers of horizons, clouds, and soft sea storms. 

Meet the Artist

Growing up in New England, Wendy began her studies at Danforth Museum of Art and continued creating artwork throughout her undergraduate career at Roger Williams University (BFA Art, Psychology and American Studies).  She has been drawn to color theory and experimenting with different techniques, ranging from watercolor, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, to photography.  Her popular monochromatic pieces are uniquely textured, giving them a landscape effect.  

Wendy’s inspiration comes from the places she has been and how the landscape has affected her; coastal living with industrial concrete intertwined.  Her work reflects a roughness and a hidden metallic quality among the calming sea.  The jagged east coast and its horizons have been imprinted in her mind and are ever changing with each journey.

Wendy Shapiro