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Amanda Red

Amanda red, Acrylic on Canvas

Amanda Red by Morel Orta

Amanda Red by Morel Orta


This piece was created during the winter of 2015, a winter with intense snow storms as you may remember, a winter in which everybody in the city was forced indoors, Amanda and I painted a lot that winter. I could even say it was a study in removing layers, in showing what is inside, so when the red color was peeled off the canvas Amanda appeared.

Meet the Artist

Trained and educated as an architect, Venezuelan-born artist Morel Orta expresses his way of seeing the world he lives in through structurally bold and strongly colored compositions. In this successful and elegant work, Morel expresses his passion for the urban design and multi-layered infrastructure of our modern lives.

Morel Orta
15 Channel Center Street
Studio 301
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 331-9153